From festivals to recording sessions, corporate functions to private events, weddings to celebrations of life – no gig is too big or too small. I’ve played at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the birthday bash of a known rock star, and various classical music festivals. I’ve given workshops to emerging professional musicians on how to properly prepare for a performance or role, and  toured across Canada to bring classical music to underserved communities. My mission is to offer meaningful musical services catered to your needs, whether we’re in a living room, a studio, a concert hall, or a garden. 

I specialize in classical music from Baroque to Classical periods, Romantic to the explosion of styles of the 20th and 21st centuries. I have background in Baroque improvisation both on the harpsichord and the piano, and improvisation in general. 

Piano Lessons

Vocal Coaching

Are you preparing for a role for an upcoming production or a concert, or do you simply want to deep dive into the layers of possibilities in that great song you love? I love shining new lights into previously dark corners of music and text, how to make a piece of score yours, along with the other nitty gritty stuff like performance practice and diction.